I’m often asked by retail managers how they can improve the success of their sales team. Many managers are taken aback by my response in suggesting that they should be coaching their team on a daily basis. Yes that’s right; on a daily basis!

Understanding how to effectively coach staff is one of the least understood activities I come across with retail managers. Yet in order to be an effective manager, it is essential to build coaching into their daily routine. Many retail managers talk about the importance of coaching sales people and only a few truly understand what coaching is and how to successfully put it in place.

They are surprised to hear that their sales team need to hear the same messages over and over again to embed the behaviour into their daily habits. For your sales team you need to recognise that your future success is determined by their habits. And those habits are based on their thinking. So the key to your team’s future success is to coach staff in new sales habits by altering their thinking. Effective coaching will also motivate and empower your sales people.

Another benefit of coaching your retail team is that it can increases customer satisfaction and retention. In today’s tough economy, with increased competition, a decline in retail sales and growth of online shopping, retailers must make the most of their interaction time with customers. By coaching sales staff to deliver exceptional customer service, customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales will increase.

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