About us

Welcome to 6one5®: Pioneers in Retail Excellence

Led by William Rooney, 6one5 Retail Consulting is a specialist consultancy, learning and development and training business that focuses on improving sales productivity for our clients. We have been in the consulting, instructional design and training business for over 18 years, internationally and bring to the table an enormous amount of proven results in the consumer, FMCG and retail industry around retail sales force and sales management enablement and benchmarking across multiple geographies.

The 6one5 Philosophy

Our 6one5® philosophy revolutionizes retail growth by partnering with senior executives to amplify the impact at every customer touchpoint within your brand’s ecosystem.

Our experience working with retailers has uncovered that If they can

it can result in a doubling of net profit, depending on the margin!


Achieving Extraordinary Results:

We’ve helped businesses double their current profits, all dependent on the margin. Our secret? A dynamic blend of consulting expertise and store-based execution that elevates your average performing stores to best practice standards. We offer:

Retail Expertise:

We're retailers at heart, and we understand the importance of practical, effective solutions. Our focus is always on delivering globally recognized best practices rooted in proven processes.

Client-Centric Approach:

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we're passionate about consumer-focused processes that yield tailored, exceptional results for our clients.

Harnessing Expertise:

Our projects are staffed with industry partners and subject matter experts deeply immersed in the world of retail. This ensures faster and more efficient solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Strategy-Driven Excellence:

At 6one5®, strategy is at the forefront of every decision we make. It not only guides our initiatives but also lays the foundation for sound tactical and operational choices.

We are proud to work with these leading companies