Planning to Achieve Success in Retail

You need to plan ahead if you want to achieve success in retail.

Once the Christmas and sale season has finished you need to be fully prepared to optimise 2017 growth.

One area that is crucial in a digital age is customer service to compete against ecommerce and international players such as Amazon, H&M, Zara and so on. Let’s look at what you need to review to succeed in retail sales and service.

  1. Your Sales Team: Take time to review the capability of each individual. How do they measure up as team members and converting sales? Do they step in willingly if you need to change their roster at busy or quiet times? Do they engage and tailor their sales approach with customers, so that each customers feels valued? Ask yourself “What are their strengths and weaknesses”, are they open to training and coaching? Do you need to make changes and replace any of this team?


  1. Visual Merchandising: Are you optimising the use of your shop fitting, signage and displays to attract the interest of your target customers? Does anything need a refresh or change?  Remember to measure the financial impact of changes you make.


  1. Marketing: How effective were your promotions from the previous year? What worked and gave you the results you were looking for. What did you learn? Have you taken this into consideration when planning your promotions for the year ahead? Will these promotions attract new and regular shoppers through your door? What new ideas could you experiment with in store and online?


  1. Website: Your website like your visual merchandising is often the first impression of your retail business. Do you keep it current and communicate clearly your products and promotions. Most customers do their research online before visiting a store. Have you made it easy to make a selection, order it over the phone or purchase online? Your website can be just as important as your store in this digital world.


  1. Customer Database: Do you have strategies to encourage customers to want to be on your database and remain loyal customers. How effective is your communication with them. Is it too often or not often enough. Do you have a strategy to receive feedback from your customers? Is your strategy emotionally engaging with customers and encouraging them to visit your store.


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