Retail Consulting

Do you want to grow the bottom line profitability of your retail operations?

6one5 offers a full range of consulting services to retailers and consumer companies focused on achieving substantial improvement in profitability.

Our specialty is in improving the productivity of retail and consumer sales teams through change management. Our consulting model is to work with Retail Executives and management teams on achieving “definable” outcomes from our consulting engagements. Definable outcomes are quantifiable, have a dollar value, capable of implementation, and achieve the goals set by our clients.

We take a multi faceted approach incorporating change management around people, measurement, incentives, marketing, merchandising and other aspects impacting on store operations.

As a management consultancy, we bring value to our clients by understanding the complexities of their business, addressing key barriers to success and driving change.  Our approach is to be objective, see the big picture, and join the dots to support the strategic direction of the business’s success. 6one5’s success lies with the expertise and passion we bring to every project, and the ability to inspire our clients into action.

We bring to the table our global experience in strategy, operations and sales. The size, diversity and scope of our global projects are our credentials.

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