Visual Impact is a Huge Component of Retail Merchandising

Great store presentations and product merchandising is like a good book. They both draw you in and leave you with a memorable experience.

Developing an effective store layout, involves designing a logical customer traffic flow around you product displays so that your store is easy to shop.

Well thought out VM encourages the customer to interact with your products. Customers make a decision within 10 seconds whether to browse or leave a store. Your VM is an important drawcard and needs to be treated as a high priority. Research has shown that in supermarkets 66% of all buying decisions are made by consumers looking at the products on the shelves. Many of these purchases are impulse buys.

5 Tips to consider when planning your store‘s visual merchandising are:

  1. Step into the shoes of your customer and notice what the exterior of your store looks like. Store windows are incredibly valuable merchandising territory. Use them to set the mood of an event or sale you’re having.  If your business looks dirty, cluttered or closed from the outside, then customers will walk right by.
  2. Lighting attracts customers, much like moths to the flame! Dramatic lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Well-placed spotlights can draw attention to key pieces of merchandise. Make sure to use spotlights within your store as well as in the window
  3. Display related products together in a themed way.  When building a product display look for products that are natural add-ons to the main product features
  4. Change Your Displays Often. A great display is a great display, the first time the customer sees it
  5. Embrace All the Senses. Great merchandising appeals to more than the eyes. Consider how your store sounds, smells and even feels. Are all of these “messages” you’re sending with music, scents, and other environmental factors in keeping with the displays you create?

Visual impact is a huge component of retail merchandising.  Customers entering a store are greatly influenced by the visual information they gather in the first split second. Always remember, that to have your store become a silent sales person can be a significant contributor to your retail store’s overall sales revenue.