Retailers have always struggled with high staff turnover– this is not a new phenomenon. The trouble with this is that employee turnover is disruptive, expensive and can affect team morale. However, what can retailers do to solve the problem?

This article examines 3 key strategies for reducing staff turnover.

Review your culture

One of the main reasons staff leave a workplace is because of the work environment, people and management style. If your employee turnover is particularly high or has increase for a region or store, review the culture that exists in the workplace. Work with management to shift the culture towards the vision of the company.

You will need to communicate the company values to staff, and train managers to lead by example.  Research demonstrates that a positive culture will lead to happier and more productive staff, which then results in happy customers.

Create Career Growth, Learning & Development

Another key reason people leave a company is that they are looking for exciting work and challenges and want career growth. In order to keep your best staff, this means you need to create and communicate a clear growth path and develop their skills.

While training frontline staff can be a challenge logistically, if it means the difference between keeping staff or seeing them walk into a competitor business it may be worth the effort. In addition, training and development tells staff you are invested in them and is a great strategy for motivation.

Most staff want professional development and to be given the opportunities to equip themselves for future roles

Recognition and Rewards

While fair pay and benefits are important to many employees, what is longer lasting and often more important is being recognised, valued and respected.

Create small wins with employee recognition. Write personal thank you notes, say “thank you” more often or award a $50 gift card for exceptional performance. It’s a manager’s role to recognise and value each employee.