Australia has a poor reputation for receiving quality service from retail staff. Staff are notorious for being poorly trained and unskilled at handling customers’ needs.  Which shopper hasn’t experienced a retail staff member who did not understand the basics of customer service, failed to ask questions to understand your needs, did not know about their products or simply did not care?

During my face-to-face Sales & Service Training sessions I always love asking the question, “When was the last time you received excellent service in a retail store?” Most of the participants, who are often mangers, can rarely recall experiencing a memorable service experience.

This demonstrates how easy it would be to create a competitive advantage and stand apart from other retailers by simply investing in customer service training.

Many retailers complain about time and how difficult it can be to take staff off the shop floor. Yet today we are fortunate to have numerous training options. For example, eLearning programs can take minimal time and be used by staff in quiet times in store. Alternatively for staff in regional areas, you can run interactive webinars or online training sessions.

It is important that when considering alternative training options like eLearning, that the quality is high and programs are interactive.

Studies show that store employees who receive  as little as 1-2 hours of computer based training to supplement their informal on-the-job training  can increase their productivity by more than 50% than those who do not take advantage of these opportunities.  So take action and create a competitive advantage for your business today!

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