Quick Tips on How to Increase Sales in your Retail Store!

Here are some tips on how to increase sales in your retail store:

1. Re-merchandise and rotate your displays – Give your repeat customers something to look forward to my updating products on end caps, window displays, and impulse displays with new and exciting merchandise!

2. Communicate constantly with your sales team – When you observe one of your team members doing something right, such as closing a sale, on selling, or solving problems let them know you appreciate it immediately.  If you observe someone doing something incorrectly, let them know right away in a respectful manner while showing them the right way

3. Employ the right people – The simplest way to ensure you are hiring the right people is to select interviewees who look and act like your top performers

4. Make selling fun – Selling the same products to the same customers each and every day can get mundane.  Get your sales people energised by giving them short term goals, contests, or playing selling games!

5. Manage by walking around – Virtually every important asset is on the sales floor of your stores. This includes your customers, your people, and your inventory So the best place for you to be spending a good deal of your time is on the floor interacting with all of your assets and learning about what is working and not working!