Make a Difference to your Customer’s In-Store Experience

In such a competitive retail environment, why are retailers neglecting to focus on the key thing that brings customers back into a store?

With a consumer environment driven by prices and discounts, many retailers have focused their budget on marketing slogans and high profile campaigns. Whilst this might be drawing customers into the store, it is not what makes the sale and it is not what brings them back.

The real difference is made by a sales person genuinely connecting with the customer and providing a great experience in store. When was the last time you walked into a store to find a happy, helpful and well informed sales person? Think about how great this experience made you feel.

Ensure enough investment is being made on your retail sales team on the customer care side to make a difference to customers on an individual level. People always prefer to buy from people who take the time to listen and understand them.

Close more sales and create a point of difference with a balanced marketing strategy that not only attracts the customers into the store, but ensures they have pleasant and efficient in-store experience. If they don’t spend their money with you, they will spend it with one of your competitors.

Tips for your Retail Sales Team

  • Staff should be proactive by acknowledging and approaching customers rather than waiting for customers to come to them. Make eye contact, nod, smile and acknowledge every customer
  • Service is communicated through the energy you give out. Customers know when salespeople are motivated to help them and have a genuine interest in them
  • Rapport builds trust and is key to influencing a customer. The biggest influencing factors for building rapport are body language, tonality and words. Go back to the basics – check for open body language, good posture, eye contact, clear voice, friendly tone
  • Just looking the customers in the eye while they are being thanked is very powerful. Customers are so seldom genuinely thanked. Having your staff thank them is the least they can do