Increase Productivity Through Team Cultures

When you lead your business or store you need to create a ‘good place to work’. This is a place where people feel respected and valued and they understand the vision and direction of the business and how they fit in.

Creating a ‘good place to work’ involves looking at how you actually treat people, and the culture that you encourage or allow to exist within your store or business. Think about the culture that currently exists within your business or store. Are your staff proactive? Do they approach all customers with a smile and go the extra mile to deliver great service? Or are they just there to pay the bills?

As a manager, you have the ability to lead and motivate your team and direct the culture of your store. Research shows that building a team culture results in more proactive employees. More proactive staff equals better productivity, improved financial performance, happier shareholders, and less sleepless nights for leaders.

So how can you develop proactive employees through creating a team culture?

  • Show all staff equal respect. The most basic need that virtually all employees share is the need to feel respected
  • Communicate your vision for the business and goals to staff. Ask for their input and gain buy in.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in your leadership approach. Be understanding of staff and encourage them through rewards, advice and praise
  • Foster a trust-based work environment. Ensure all team members treat each other with respect and communicate regularly with all staff.

By following these key principles, you will foster a team culture which will in turn create proactive employees and a ‘good place to work’. Creating a positive service culture will also lead to happier staff that are more committed which then results in happy customers.