Once you have become familiar with the processes, responsibilities and routines within retail and have decided you want a career in the industry, the next step is to consider developing your skills to become a supervisor or manager.

Yet how do you achieve this?

There is no single winning formula that will guarantee anyone an unobstructed path into a management role.

Yet there are many steps you can take to put you on the right track. Capabilities like communication skills, passion for your job and initiative are high on the list of desirable traits for a manager. Focus on developing these capabilities and put them to the test in both busy and quiet times in your store. Becoming a good manager requires a lot more than just being liked by your team members.

Managers look to promote people who have reacted well in stressful situations, have handled high pressure busy periods in the store and who demonstrate leadership capabilities.

Commitment to the store is also important. Demonstrate commitment by actively putting forward ideas on how to improve customer service, the appearance of the store, in-store promotions and other important aspects of a successful retailing.

Qualities to develop:

  • A can do positive attitude
  • Strong focus on customer service and sales capability
  • Problem solving skills
  • An ability to communicate and develop good relationships with your peers
  • A desire to continue to learn from other people in the business and from external people
  • Passion and motivation for the job

Developing your management skills is an on-going process. As you identify ways of improving your management capability, be careful that you don’t try to change too much too quickly in yourself.

Gradual, steady and consistent development of your management skills with the focus on developing one skill at a time, will give you the improvement and the personal development you are looking to achieve.

If you are considering progressing into a retail manager role, consider discussing your aspirations with your manager.