Are You Taking Advantage of Opportunities at the Change Room?

Customers who use a change room are 71% more likely to buy – and buy twice as much – as those simply browsing the sales floor. If customers are provided with service while in the change room, they will buy nearly three times more!

(Envision Retail Study)

The change room is the most important conversion area for fashion retailers. It is where most customers make their buying decision. So why is this often the most neglected area in a store? Many retailers hide their lowest performing sales staff in change room areas or forget about customers as soon as they close the change room door.

What can you do to gain more from your change rooms and increase change room conversion?

Drive traffic to the change room. Half the challenge is getting customers to the change room in the first place – encourage customers to go to the change room when they try on or hold up a piece of clothing against their body on the shop floor.

Maintain impeccable conditions in and around the change room. Dirty and messy change rooms will not only turn customers off but will also reflect poorly on the quality of the product.

Design change rooms to enhance the customer experience. Lighting, mirrors, walls and cleanliness of the change room all impact on the customer experience and a customers buying decision. Flattering lighting, accurate and plentiful mirrors, warm coloured walls and clean fitting rooms will positively affect customers’ experience & impact on the purchase decision.

Reconnect with customers who are in a change room. A connection with the customer is often lost when the customer closes the change room door. Sales staff must reconnect with the customer at the moment they are in need of service.

Minimise the negative impact of long queues at the change room. Long waiting lines for change rooms will discourage customers from trying anything on.