Apps are the Latest Retail Training Resource

Apps are the Latest Retail Training Resource

Apps are the Latest Retail Training Resource

When retailers train their managers and staff they generally don’t have any idea whether they’re getting any business value from the training.

The new approach of measuring the application of learning is to deliver eLearning for Managers, backed up with mobile training apps for staff on the shop floor. Apps are the Latest Retail Training Resource

The great new thing about training apps is that they are interactive, involves playing games, while at the same time the app is measuring the learner’s understanding and gives them a score on how they are progressing.

Apps can also include:

  • Videos which role play best practise sales and coaching by actors
  • Role play scripts for staff to practise with manager
  • Multiple choice questions on the eLearning & skills training around in store behaviours retailers want staff to exhibit
  • Measurement of managers and sales staff
  • Ensures learning is put into action with a goal to achieve100% compliance
  • Improves performance levels in alignment with competency framework taking staff from beginner > expert
  • Guarantees all sales people practise the skills with their manager & customer is a step up to best practise
  • Automated email reminders if tasks are not completed

One of the great benefits of this training approach is that these resources save on wages, as less time is spent off the shop floor and more time is spent practising when it is quiet in store

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