Who we are

Trained Retail Sales People
Trained Retail Managers

6one5 Philosophy

The 6one5® philosophy is to help retailers achieve substantial growth through working with senior retail executives to help them deliver their strategy more effectively at the point of customer interaction with your retail brand.

We create extraordinary results using our 6one5 philosophy. This says that when you:

Increase sales by 6%

Increase margins by 1%

Reduce costs by 5%

…you can achieve up to double the current profit of your stores, depending on the margin!

We achieve these results through a consulting and store based execution model based around moving averaging performing stores to best practice.

Retail Experience

Retail Experience

We are retailers. We keep our engagements practical, simple and effective. We are outcome focused and deliver global leading practice based on proven processes and approach.



We do not sell a prescribed solution but believe passionately that a consumer-focused process will generate the right results.

Expert Involvement

Expert Involvement

We staff our projects with partners and subject matter experts steeped in retail. We believe this helps us get to the right solution faster and more efficiently.



Strategy drives key decisions for all initiatives that we support our clients with, and it sets the foundation to govern tactical decisions and operational issues.