Mini MBA of Retail Management

The Mini MBA of Retail Management is designed to provide learners with the capability to successfully run a profitable retail store. The programs are outcome focused, interactive and cover the following key management areas: Leading and Coaching Your Team, Managing the Finances of Your Retail Business, Visual Merchandising, and Sales and Service.

Typical retail training programs can have their limitations in that the training is generic rather than linked to your store operations and growth strategy. Our suite of retail management programs allows you to apply the teachings to your store through practical and outcome focused activities.

Duration: 6-8 hours


The Mini MBA of Retail Management consists of seven programs:

1. Leading and Coaching Your Team

2. Managing the Finances of Your Retail Business

3. Visual Merchandising

4. Sales and Service

5. Promotional Planning and Calendar

6. Customer Loyalty and Databases

7. Building a Website

The courses are available individually. Each course takes between 1-2 hours to complete, for a total of up to 8 hours
of learning, depending on the user. A user license is valid for 1 year.


The Mini MBA of Retail Management from 6one5®Retail Consulting is designed for retail professionals looking to improve
their skills in retail management. It has been designed for individuals in head office, area managers, store managers,
supervisors, department heads & sales people who want to advance their career.

Course Usage

Courses are sold for usage by a single person for a 1 year licence period.