Improve the skills of your sales team with our Certificate IV in Business Sales course.

The course is designed to help build and sharpen critical skills and knowledge required to positively impact on the sales of a business.

Its focus is to develop good salespeople into sales champions who are able to master new strategies and techniques, and better understand all facets of the sales process.

Results from sales teams who have completed our sales training courses include increased revenue growth from:
  • New clients
  • Better client retention
  • More profitable relationships with existing clients
  • Increased market share

The learning material is mapped to a Certificate IV in Business Sales, a nationally recognised qualification which will add value to your career development and that of your team.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Develop a sales plan
  2. Your competitive advantage and positioning
  3. Identify sales prospects (prospecting)
  4. Secure prospect commitment (closing the sale)
  5. Present a sales solution
  6. Undertake marketing activities (including market research)
  7. Build client relationships and business networks

What is the benefit of completing the Business Sales Program?

You will build a toolkit of new techniques and skills to further your sales career You will gain practical insights and understand more effective ways of dealing with clients and closing sales

Government Funding and Incentives

At both state and federal level, the governments commitment to up skill the Australian workforce has resulted in a comprehensive framework of funding schemes and incentive opportunities.

For upcoming dates of courses or if you are interested in running a program for your business, please contact us.

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