Product Description

This course will cover the selling skills that the best retail sales people use around the world.

The focus is on exceeding customer expectations on a consistent basis to create a competitive advantage for your store. We take you through our 5 step sales process which is aligned to the way customers buy.

This course doesn’t just focus on what to do, but gives you the practical skills which can be implemented in your selling approach with customers.

Duration: 20-30 minutes


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*Promotional Planning and Calendar (SCORM)


There are 6 topics in the Promotional Planning & Calendar eLearning course.

1. Planning for Promotions

2. Importance of Planning Promotions

3. Local Promotions

4. Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Promotional Calendar

5. Promotional Calendar Example

6. Your 12 Month Promotional Calendar


This course is for retail professionals looking to improve their skills in retail management and local marketing. It has been designed for individuals in head office, area managers, store managers, supervisors, department heads & sales people who want to advance their career.

Course Usage

Courses are sold for usage by a single person for a 1 year licence period.

*Quiz for Promotional Planning & Calendar (Assessment)

In order to gain a certificate from the 6one5 Retail Academy in the Promotional Planning & Calendar eLearning course, you must complete the quiz and gain a minimum score of 60%. You will have two attempts to achieve this score.

Completing the quiz is a good way to confirm you understanding of the course material.

You can then download your Certicate of Completion from the Course Overview page.