Product Description

“Do you want to increase your personal leadership capability so that you increase profits within your business?”

“Would you like to shift the performance of your retail team to best practice?”

It is a misconception that retail staff can achieve great results on their own. While their individual skills are important, their success largely depends on how they are coached and led.

This course will focus on the role a retail professional plays in the development of their people through how they lead and coach them. This course will provide you with a range of tools to support you in your professional development as a leader and manager.

Duration: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes


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*Leading and Coaching Your Retail Team (SCORM)


 There are 4 modules in the Leading and Coaching Your Retail Team eLearning course.

Module 1: Leadership and Management

Module 2: Develop Your Leadership Capability

Module 3: High Performance Cultures

Module 4: Coaching – When and How to Coach Your Team


This course is for retail professionals looking to improve their skills in leadership, management and coaching. It has been designed for individuals in head office, area managers, store managers, supervisors, department heads & sales people who want to advance their career.

Course Usage

Courses are sold for usage by a single person for a 1 year licence period.

*Quiz For Leading & Coaching eLearning (Assessment)

In order to gain a certificate from the 6one5 Retail Academy in the Lead & Coach Your Retail Team eLearning course, you must complete the quiz and gain a minimum score of 60%. You will have two attempts to achieve this score.

Completing the course is a good way to confirm you understanding of the course material.